Fast & Easy Dent Repair... Glue Tab Dent Repair Works!

Technology is changing - and so are the Materials used in Today’s Modern Vehicle. 
With most modern vehicles, OEM’s use a “Mixed Material” platform. This can be a mix of different grade steels, aluminum, and other materials such as carbon fiber.

Dent repair just got easier with another Pro Spot innovation. Fix major dents with no heat input. This is crucial when repairing new advanced, heat-sensitive materials such as HS steel and aluminum. They demand new processes to repair these materials with little or no heat input and the Pro Spot Glue Tab Dent Repair Kit is the answer. It will help with your dent repair process by cutting repair time by avoiding welding or arc procedures. 
Why? Designed for the growing need to repair new, advanced metals without damaging the undercoat. It's a great way to produce quality dent repairs while saving time and money! Pull Dents in less than 10 min. 
How does it work?Apply your choice tab in 4 quick & easy steps and repair the dent faster than eve…

Best Tool In The Industry for Painters: Ion Spot Anti-Stat Gun

Pro Spot's new Ion Spot Anti-Stat Gun premiered at the latest SEMA show. For anyone who missed it, we wanted to give you a chance to see what all the hype is about!  What is the Ion Spot Anti-Stat Gun?
The Ion Spot is a tool designed for the painter who wants to eliminate static electricity from any material that is being readied for painting. The tool can be used on all surfaces where electrostatic discharge is a problem - plastic, aluminum, or steel!  The tool works on compressed air only, has no electrical input, no batteries, and no charging devices.
Removing the static electrical charge from the workpiece keeps dust and other particles from collecting on the ‘to be painted’ surface and provides a cleaner and smoother finished painted surface.
Benefits: Eliminate static and dust in secondsDrastically cuts down on detail labor due to less color sanding and polishing needed after the paint processImprove metallic control for ease of color blendingReduce additional chemicals and clean…

Don't Get Left in the Dust

Don't get left in the Dust... Auto Body shops maintain and run a variety of equipment and processes that create hazardous air pollutants, dust particles, and other chemicals. Once these chemicals are airborne, they not only create dust or film over everything in the shop but are hazardous to the health and safety of your workers. If you are an owner of a body shop or work in an auto body shop—air filtration and ventilation and collection of dust are some of the biggest values in working and operating, a safe and healthy work environment.  Containing and Eliminating DustReducing dust is a must. How they do it is no big secret; it just requires the right set of innovative dust-busting tools. Keep reading to learn why you should cut down on dust   HEALTH CONCERNS When you don't address dust, it can end up in your eyes and lungs. Uncovered eyes can get irritated and red, and exposed skin can dry out, but that dust is especially bad for the respiratory system. Inhaling it can lead t…

2020 Summer Aluminum Bundle Sale!

Pro Spot has a great July Special for all those shops looking to start, add to or upgrade their aluminum repair facilities!
We’re featuring our best SP Pulse MIG Welders, Aluminum Dent Repair Workstations, our Glue Tab Repair Station, Dust-Free (Aluminum) Combi Sanding System and our popular PR-5 Riveting System.

Pick any of these Bundles and get great savings!
For full sale and bundle information, head to the 2020 Summer Bundle Sale Page

Pro Spot Announces New Tesla Approvals

Known for their product innovation and development, Pro Spot proudly announces new Tesla approvals for the i4s Smart Spot Welder and SP Series MIG Welders for their OEM approved equipment list. 
After a rigorous testing process, Tesla Inc. has approved the NEW i4s Smart Spot Welder and ALL of the SP Series MIG Welders for aluminum and advanced steel welding. These join previously Tesla approved equipment like the i5 Smart Spot Welder, PR-5 Rivet Gun, and more. 
Pro Spot also provides the Tesla’s approved Steel GMA Welding Wire for Structural Repairs, the Bohler Union X96, Pro Spot Part Number: 50-7040. 
“Congratulations to the entire Pro Spot team,” says Ron Olsson, President of Pro Spot. “Our commitment to a total repair solution is paying off. To be recognized by a high technology company, like Tesla, is a great confirmation that our product development is on point.” 
These Tesla approvals join many other Pro Spot OEM approvals including Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, Land Rover, Honda/Acura, F…

Free Collision Repair Training Webinars

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Zero Percent Financing for 12 Months

Now more than ever, companies are looking for affordable purchasing options to keep their businesses up and running.
Financing can help make the right equipment even more affordable.
Pro Spot is offering 0% Financing for 12 months and 2.9% Interest for 24 months, and it’s never been easier to get the equipment you need.

Equipment Cost: $12,000Term: 12 MonthsPayment: $1,000/month
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