New Heavy Duty Removal Dies for Rivet Gun

As OEMs continue to evolve their collision repair techniques and processes, Pro Spot is continually developing new tools to meet these changes. We are pleased to announce that we have developed NEW Heavy Duty Rivet Removal Dies: the PRR-10HD and the PRR-11HD.

These dies were developed to easily remove SPRs, particularly ones installed in thicker stackups of material. The PRR-10HD has a larger diameter which assists in removing hollow thru-hole SPRs typically used on thicker material stacks. The die also includes a Spring which aids in two ways: 1) the spring force retracts after the removal process to avoid making a larger hole in the material, 2) the spring also helps to center and secure around the rivet for accurate removal. PRR-10HD and PRR-11HD Rivet Removal Applications include SPR (Standard) and SPR (Hollow thru-hole). Do not use the PRR-10HD and PRR-11HD to remove the following: Flow Form Rivet, Solid Rivet, Blind/Pop Rivet.

Important to know:
  • Before using these dies, be sure to seek proper training from your local Pro Spot representative. 
  • These new HD dies will ONLY work on the newer generation PR-5 or the Upgraded PR-5 models (with the interchangeable arms). These dies will not fit on the original riveter arm.
  • The existing PRR-10 and PRR-11 dies still work on the original PR-5.
  • When replacing the PRR-10 with the new PRR-10HD, you must also include the PRR-11HD. Do not combine the two styles of die sets.
  • Be sure to remove the PRR-Ext 25 or PRR-EXT 30 extension die before using the new PRR-10HD and PRR-11HD


The following steps show how to use the new removal dies.

Install the PRR-10HD on the FIXED side of the arm. Do not use an Extension Die.
Install the PRR-11HD on the DRIVEN side of the gun.

Engage the alignment pocket of the PRR-10HD on the formed side of the rivet.
The counterbore should fit snug around the formed side (inside of the vehicle typically).

Pull the PR-5 gun trigger. The ram will extend and the elastic plastic spring will compress.
ONCE THE RIVET IS REMOVED, LET GO OF THE TRIGGER. Continuing to engage the trigger after the rivet has been pushed out can result in damage to the die.

Press the manual retract button on the PR-5 to return the ram to the retracted position.
The elastic plastic spring will return to the uncompressed state and draw the PRR-10HD out of the hole that the rivet was extracted from.

Videos: Tutorial Videos are available on the Pro Spot YouTube Channel.
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