Pro Spot Earns Tesla Approval

Tesla Approves Pro Spot for Aluminum Welding

Pro Spot International, manufacturers of resistance spot welding equipment for the collision repair industry, announces the recent Tesla approval of the SP Series MIG Welders including the SP-5 Smart MIG and the new SP-5.3 3-Phase Smart MIG. The welders are approved for aluminum welding during structural repairs on Model S and Model X.

The Tesla approval joins many others of the SP MIG Welders including Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, Land Rover, Honda/Acura, Ford’s F-150, the Cadillac CT6, Corvette and more. The SP Series MIG Welders are unique in many ways but they stand out for their ease of use and the 3 dedicated torches to Aluminum, Silicon Bronze and Steel. For details on the specific OEM programs and approvals, contact Pro Spot.

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