Ford Approved Press Release

Here is the Ford approved Press Release on the 2015 F-150 Collision Repair Program with Pro Spot International. Feel free to use this for your own company's marketing, so long as there are no changes made.

Ford Approves Pro Spot Aluminum Repair on New 2015 F-150

For Immediate Release

Carlsbad, CA (January 16, 2014) - Ford Motor Company has revealed the all-new 2015 F-150. The new 2015 F-150 has a body that is constructed entirely of High Strength Military Grade Aluminum Alloy. By using High Strength Military Grade Aluminum Alloy, the best selling pickup truck for 37 years is now 700 lbs lighter. Pro Spot has worked very closely with Ford in the creation of the repair procedures for this vehicle. We are proud to say that Pro Spot aluminum repair products have been included in Ford Motor Company’s 2015 F-150 Collision Repair Program.

The following Pro Spot products have been included in Ford Motor Company’s 2015 F-150 Collision Repair Program: The Aluminum Weld Station with 3 upgrade Kits available, The SP Smart MIG Series (including the SP-1, SP-2 and SP-5 Smart MIG), and The SPR Rivet Gun. These products join many other Pro Spot products approved by Ford Motor Company for collision repair including the popular i5 Smart Welder and the i4 Inverter Resistance Spot Welder. 

Aluminum Weld Station
(Ford Required Equipment #3: Dedicated Aluminum dent extraction system)

Aluminum Weld Station is designed to meet all of your aluminum repair needs. The station includes:
· A portable welding cart
· The Pull Bar
· AL-5 Capacitor Discharge Stud Welder
· Accessories for aluminum dent pulling. 

The welding cart includes a tool board, utility panel (air outlets, 110v & 220V electrical outlets), a work surface covered with a high quality textured rubber mat, heavy duty adjustable shelves, a foldable work table, and a sliding drawer for storage. The Pull Bar features a 4 and 6 jaw clamp and adjustable foot swivel pads for mounting both vertically and horizontally. The AL-5 is designed for aluminum dent pulling & welding UHSS panels.
Optional Kits are available to add on to Aluminum Weld Station including the SP-1 Pulse MIG, a Built-In or Portable Fume Extractor and the PR-111 Plasma Cutter.

SP MIG Series
(Ford Required Equipment #1: Dedicated aluminum MIG welding system)

The SP-5 Smart MIG is a 220VAC, single-phase welder that features three MIG torches, one TIG torch and one MMA / stick torch. The three MIG torches are set up for aluminum, silicon bronze and steel. The welder utilizes pulse technology to weld aluminum and stainless steel. In synergic mode, the microprocessor controls optimal are stability and weld quality. To switch welding different base metals, simply pick up the appropriate torch and tap the trigger and you’re ready to weld. 

The SP MIG Series features the SP-5, SP-2, and SP-1 Pulse MIG Welders.

PR-5 Riveter (SPR Rivet Gun)

(Ford Required Equipment #6: Specialized SPR Rivet Gun)

Designed for Aluminum vehicles, the Pro Spot Riveter is an electro-hydraulic rivet gun. This non-thermal process joins aluminum panels without heat. The Riveter is capable of self-piercing, riveting, clinching, pressing and removal of rivets. The Riveter is portable and battery operated for easy and mobile use. It includes two batteries with standard 110V charging station, so there is no wasted downtime. 

The Pro Spot Riveter is one of only two SPR Rivet Guns currently approved by Ford.

For additional information on Pro Spot approved equipment for the Ford Collision Repair Program or all Ford approved Pro Spot products, contact: 

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