Special News: Welder/Wire for 2015 Ford F-150

The Ford Collision Repair Program for the 2015 Ford F-150 requires a "Dedicated Aluminum MIG welding system. Welder must be 220V and equipped with Pulse MIG Technology."

WELDERS: SP-5 Smart MIG, SP-2 Smart MIG, and SP-1 Pulse MIG all on Ford's approved list of equipment.

WIRE: Ford is requiring 5554 1.2mm aluminum welding wire for the program. The SP MIG Series welders come equipped with the 5554 1.2 mm aluminum welding wire for the Ford F-150 Collision Repair Program, as well as Silicon Bronze for MIG Brazing on UHSS & HSS, and Steel (on the SP-5). *The SP MIG Series has also been approved by GM for the Corvette cast extrusion. 

TRAINING: Pro Spot has endless training options available. Along with the training that Ford is requiring for the Collision Repair Program, Pro Spot also offers:

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