Pro Spot Hosts 3-day Training Event for Collision Repair Equipment

Pro Spot hosts a three-day training at their Headquarters and Manufacturing facility in Carlsbad, CA.

Pro Spot hosted a three-day training on equipment, the industry, and more at their Headquarters and Manufacturing facility in Carlsbad, CA. The training included Spot Welders, Pulse MIG Welders, Aluminum Dent Repair, Steel Dent Repair, Plastic Welding, the big changes in Riveting and more. The event wrapped up with a themed Finish Line with a Winning Team reception.

Pro Spot distributors traveled in from across the nation to train, refresh, network, and work together to make sure the needs of the industry and customers are being taken care of.

LEFT: Demonstrating the Pro Pull Complete Dent Repair System. The product attaches pulling keys with low heat, preventing corrosion. Panels that would normally have been replaced can be repaired, saving money and increasing labor hours! 

BELOW: Showing the new Advanced Action Pull Adapter that provides an astounding amount of leverage for pulling damage. 

Distributors were asked what they felt they are walking away with. John at Innovative Solutions in New Jersey explained, "More knowledge to convey to my customers. I got to see behind the scenes, meet with the engineers and see all of the work and thought that goes into making one of these units."

The goal of the training is explain the products from the ground up; from why the industry needs it, what went into the design process, why each feature exists to how it works, applications and support.

As a family business, Pro Spot also has many distributors that have many generations involved in the industry. "Of course, we all live and breathe Pro Spot, but I really loved seeing all of the new life coming in and getting inspired by the training," said Pro Spot team member, Valerie (Event Coordinator).

Pro Spot is proud of our trained distributors across the globe that are dedicated to continued training and providing their customers with the best products and best support.