Over 300 Students Visit Pro Spot, Hosts of the CREF Career Fair

We proudly hosted the Southern California Collision Career Fair on Thursday, March 9th at Pro Spot’s Headquarters and manufacturing facility in Carlsbad.

The Career Fair, presented by the Collision Repair Education Foundation (CREF), hosted over 300 local high school and college students. Students had the opportunity to talk with industry professionals about their future career goals, learn about positions, pass out resumes and tour the Pro Spot manufacturing facility.

Zero to 60 Designs, Kenny Pfitzer, also attended with two cars he built for SEMA. He talked to students about his path, the importance of learning skills and what an opportunity these companies are providing for them.

To find out about career fairs in your area, contact info@ed-foundation.org.


  1. Looks like a terrific event. This is what the industry needs to get young people excited about a career in automotive repair. Great job!

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