Customer Feedback: Mountain View Auto- Wayne, NJ

With 34 employees repairing an average of 232 vehicles monthly at its two facilities, Mountain View Auto Body in Wayne, NJ knows it’s important to make the most of its 24,000 square feet of production space, where it also offers mechanical services, towing and storage for non-DRP customers. One way the shop achieves this is by using equipment from Pro Spot.

Body shop manager Mike Daniel shared, “The first product we purchased from Pro Spot was an i5 Smart Spot Welder in 2013, and we haven’t looked back. The products are user-friendly, more than capable of completing the task at hand, and competitively priced.”

In the years since acquiring the i5, Mountain View has also purchased two i4 Spot Welders, two SP-5 three-torch Smart MIGs, and an AL-5 Aluminum Dent Repair Station with fume extraction, in addition to other products. According to Daniel, “From Pro Spot’s Dustless Sanding System to the PR-5 Rivet Gun to our Aluminum Station, our technicians have more time to keep their hands on the car. Running around cleaning the shop or fumbling with multiple welders to get a job done became a thing of the past. Everything from Pro Spot was built with the shop in mind. Multiple torches on the SP-5 with the capability of quickly switching from aluminum to silicon bronze to steel, from MIG to TIG, give the tech valuable time back to truly diagnose and complete a repair properly, knowing they have the right tools.”

Using Pro Spot’s equipment has improved cycle time, CSI and repair quality at Mountain View Auto Body, plus the products required very little training, allowing technicians to focus on repairs.
“The ease and use of Pro Spot’s products, especially welders and dust-free Sanders, have drastically reduced our cycle time and increased our CSI as well as increasing repair quality,” Daniel shared.

“Without the use of Pro Spot’s machines, I don’t think we’d be able to reach our outstanding touch time of 7.2 hours per vehicle on average for our largest DRP. “Pro Spot’s products are priced fairly, easy to use and quick to implement, so the break-even point is very quick. Additionally, the technicians can be trained to use the product within a day, using them on vehicles within hours. Implementation of the products was seamless with little-to-no learning curve. Our techs love Pro Spot—whenever they see the Pro Spot delivery van, they know they’re getting a tool that will make their job a little easier.”

Of course, every busy shop knows it’s bound to experience maintenance issues with frequently used
equipment, but Pro Spot’s customer service department excels at providing quick solutions. “Nothing hurts a shop more than downtime without a particular piece of equipment, but this is what truly sets Pro Spot apart,” Daniel said. “One single call is usually all it takes to get a trained tech to the shop within a reasonable amount of time. Once onsite, they can usually determine the issue fairly quickly, and often have the answer on the truck.”

From Autobody News Article 2017