TECH TIP: What's Your Squeeze Pressure?

What is your Max Squeeze Pressure: 

 Squeeze Chart Showing Pressure based on PSI and Force on the Pro Spot Weld Guns: 

PS-500 (Blue) & PS-600W (Black)

Quick Reference: Understand the Difference Between What Is Best & And What Is Required To Meet OEM Requirements.

Following vehicle manufacturer repair instructions is a MUST in today's collision repair industry. In many cases, this goes as far as - the available air pressure, the power and tip force requirements that are needed in order to properly repair vehicles. By following these instructions, you're making sure the equipment being used is capable of doing such repairs properly and safely.

Example of an OEM requirement: Honda specifies that a resistance welder must meet or exceed 9,000 amps and 772 lbs. of tip force or pressure. 

Below is a quick reference chart showing the difference in squeeze compression at different inlet air pressures. 60-135 PSI. 

NOTE: Supply of air pressure may also play a role; especially for higher air pressures needed. 

Example: A weld gun needing 135 PSI to reach 790 lbs., needs consistent pressure at the time of the weld to ensure requirements are met. 

Pictured above: Graph showing PS-500 V.S PS-600 gun squeeze pressure

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