Jaguar Land Rover & More Aluminum

Jaguar Land Rover embraces aluminum -- again

By CRM staff
Atlanta, Georgia -- August 7, 2018 -- The British engineers at Jaguar Land Rover will be making some changes to the OEM's vehicles in the coming years, starting with the the introduction of a fully aluminum modular platform to be available in four models by 2021, and all of the brands vehicles the next year.
The monumental shift to aluminium is the harbinger of even more dramatic changes to the OEM's vehicles. By 2024, all models will have phased out the classic V-8 engine, replaced with inline-three and six engines. Hybrid models and electric turbocharging is also expected to be available starting with the 2024 model year.
While it may sound like the OEM is making some uncharacteristic concessions to the modern day, the use of aluminum - or aluminium as the brand's engineers prefer - was actually pioneered by Jaguar in the 1940s. During the Second World War. With much of Britain's steel earmarked for military use, the manufacturer turned to aluminum to construct its vehicle's panels.