TECH TIP: Get To Know The Pro Spot Gas Regulator For MIG Welding:

Get To Know The Pro Spot Gas Regulator For MIG Welding:

Shielding Gas plays a vital role in welding. It ensures proper clean welds and keeps them porosity free. Proper set up and correct shielding gas are a must for quality welding results.

  • Many gas regulators in the field are measured in Pounds per Square Inch (PSI), or most commonly Cubic Feet per Hour (CFH).
  • The Pro Spot regulator, however, is measured in LITERS PER MINUTE(L/min). This can cause confusion regarding what the proper setting should be for steel, aluminum and silicon bronze.
  • It is very important to make sure the settings are correct to achieve the desired welding results.
Recommended settings on the Pro Spot supplied regulator (82-7001):

NOTE: The regulator needle should never be maxed out or in the red (above 15LPM) for any of the MIG welding processes. 

ALUMINUM: 4-10 L/min 
The thinner the aluminum, the lower the gas setting. This helps with splatter and weld height inconsistencies.

STEEL: 9-11 L/min

Pro Spot Gas Regulator

Click Here To Watch A Video Explaining Gas Regulator Settings For Each Material

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