TECH TIP: NEW PART 101 - Weld-On Ground Clamp

You will notice an exciting new style Weld-On Ground Clamp shipping out replacing the prior grip-style Ground Clamp and the Magnetic Ground. 

The NEW Weld-On Ground Clamp(SA-0157) makes attaching your ground faster and easier.

Previously if you had a dent in the middle of a door, you would have to ground metal and clamp 
the ground to the door edge creating two areas to paint/blend. Now you can weld the ground next 
to the dent so that you don't have to paint or blend additional panels, keeping the repair area as 
small as possible. 

The Weld-On Ground Clamp (SA-0157) is compatible with the following products: 
  • PR-3
  • PR-2
  • SPOT WELDERS Single Sided Function (i5, i4s, i4, PR-2000, PHS-101)

How to Use:
  1. The Weld Settings depend on the material thickness and welder being used. The goal is to leave the smallest heat footprint possible in order to save the corrosion protection on the back side. 
    • For Spot Welders: You will set the Material Thickness.
    • For the PR-2 or PR-3: You will set the Weld Time and Weld Power.
  2. Loosen the threaded knob surrounding the stud. This will expose the tip that will be welded to the panel. Place the tip of the stud on a clean metal surface in the desired location. A benefit of the new style helps you get the ground welded closer to the weld area versus on an adjacent panel, keeping the repair area as small as possible. 
  3. Touch the electrode from weld gun to another clean metal surface on the same panel or next to the ground without touching the ground itself.
  4. Depending on gun style of the equipment being used, either press the trigger to initiate the ground clamp weld (Manual Gun) or touch to the surface until the weld automatically occurs (Auto Gun).
  5. Once the ground tip is welded, tighten the threaded knob down snug to the surface, this will add rigidity and secure the ground to the panel.  
  6. Now you're ready to weld! 

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