TECH TIP: Repair > Replace: Why Repairing Instead of Replacing is a No-Brainer!

With today's technology fixing tabs, cracks, tears, is no longer hard to do. With proper training, plastic can be repaired as easy or easier than a steel or an aluminum panel. 

Having the right equipment for the job can make all the difference when making a repair V.S replace decision. The more repairs you do in relation to sales, the more money in the bank. 

Why having equipment to repair instead of replacing is a no-brainer!

  • No waiting on parts!
  • Higher gross profit for repair than the parts discount when replacing. 
  • Less work, by repairing you eliminate waste. No longer do you have to order a part, wait for part, invoice part, pay invoice, balance accounting etc... 
  • Better opportunity for color match by saving original paint. 
  • Tech makes more $ when repairing, this is typically when a skilled tech is most efficient. 

One of the biggest areas of opportunity in most collision shops is to repair plastic parts. This is also because of the advanced materials used in today's vehicle production have rules about repair-ability.

For example, UHSS steel is not repairable and must be replaced according to OEM repair information. With today's technology fixing PLASTIC tabs, cracks, tears, is no longer hard to do.