TECH TIP: Are You Using The Wrong Aluminum Key?

With the extensive use of aluminum in vehicle production, aluminum repair is becoming much more common for the average collision repair technician. With this comes the challenge of being able to properly repair and weld these types of panels.

One of the main challenges has to do with the alloy of aluminum that was used by the vehicle manufacturer. Using the same alloy in the repair process as the material you're working on is critical to the success of the repair. Different OEMs use different alloys in their vehicles. 
Example: The aluminum series utilized by Ford is different from the alloy used by Tesla or BMW- this can be applied to weld keys as well as welding wire. 

Because of these differences, using the correct aluminum key is necessary to ensure a strong hold point and to maintain the integrity of the aluminum.

Pro Spot provides 2 different aluminum keys:

  1. Standard AlMg Key (Aluminum Magnesium)- Ford is a great example of an application where you would want this key. Pro Spot Part #: 50-0012
  2. The AlSi Key (Aluminum with Silicon additive)- This key has a silicon additive- Tesla is an example of an application where these keys would be used. Pro Spot Part #: 50-0014

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