TECH TIP: MIG Brazing 101

MIG Brazing 101  

What is MIG Brazing? 

MIG brazing is an adhesion process that uses the melted filler metal to adhere to the base material. This differs from MIG welding in that MIG welding is a fusion process, melting the filler metal and the base material together. 

OEM Application Examples:
  • Honda uses MIG brazing in many areas when working with UHSS and HSS steels.
  • GM uses MIG brazing on newer Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon aprons where it attaches to the hinge pillar.
  • Toyota uses MIG brazing in non structural application such as Camry decklid.
  • Jaguar Land Rover uses a lot of MIG brazing in areas with HSS and UHSS steels.

Why Do Technicians Like This Process? 
  • MIG Brazing is becoming more popular among technicians because the process makes it easy to dress welds and it's quite simple to learn. 

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