TECH TIP: Your Aluminum Welds Are Telling You Something: Gas Flow

When weld results are not as desired, we often at our welding equipment. More often than not, this can be an easy fix by adjusting your settings.  See below how gas flow can make a difference in your weld results.

The Gas Flow is Too High:
  • You will see spatter around the weld bead. 
  • It will also cause Inconsistency in the bead height due to the gas pressure being pushed into the bead.
When The Gas Flow Is Too Low:
  • It will cause the weld to look too porous (If you look closely, you can see the porosity and the pin holes in the weld). 
If There Is No Gas Flow:
  • It causes Inconsistent Feed, spatter and no penetration
  • It is nearly impossible to weld with.
Incorrect Gas: 
  • This can cause the weld to look like the welding wire is piercing through and cutting the material.
  • It will look like little pellets dropping on the material

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